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I finally got around to buying and reading one of the best value plant 
books out there.  It is published by Barrons and is titled "Aquarium 
Plants Manual".  I would recommend it.  However, somebody is copying from 
somebody because underSamolus parviflorus (water pimpernel) it says 
"propagation: only in emersed culture, by seeds, which germinate 
rapidly.  In optimum conditions, formation of side shoots.

Says almost the same thing in the Baensch "Aquarium Atlas - Vol 1".

When I visited Geo Booth he had the stuff growing all over the place and 
said all you do is snip off the top section which develops little roots 
and plant it down.  The top section may have a few flower buds.  I saw 
some in a Petsmart and tried it.  The stuff is doing great and contrary 
to the myth of only being able to reproduce emersed, this stuff makes a 
great plant that is easy to cultivate under the conditions many of us have.

So I would like to debunk the myth that it will only reproduce emersed.

I suspect there are many other myths out there.  Why don't some  of you 
join in and share your discoveries with us.

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew