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Crystal-Clear and cloudy water

     > Crystal-Clear from Aquarium Products is a polymer that is used 
     > in drinking water to settle out minute particles.
     It sounds like a good product. Let me probe a little more; do you know 
     what the polymer is? When you say its used in drinking water, is that 
     what the product literature says? I'm guessing that AP isn't making an 
     additive for drinking water; its for aquariums. ;-)
     I'm also guessing that just any old polymer won't do the job. It has 
     to have specific properties. Extract of peanut butter? (hee-hee)
     Isn't somebody going to risk a scientific explanation on biological 
     flocculants? Is it something scientists argue about? Maybe its very 
     specific domain knowledge and folks are shy to stray outside their 
     Steve P