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Re: Was it my error?

>My pH has always been around 6.0 due to CO2 infusion and
>other various reasons.  Well, I decided to increase the pH to 6.5 so
>I purchased a product from Aquarium Pharm. that was supposed to
>set my pH at 6.5.  I followed the instructions for use and went on
>my way.  The next day, I noticed some of the leaves on my swords
>had turned yellow.  <snip>
>Question:  Is this product faulty or did I misuse it someway?
>I have decided to invest in a pH probe and also to never use a
>"quick" fix pH product.  Just wanted to share this with those of you
>who may have had similar pH follies!!

I don't know about investing in a pH probe, as some of those pH kits
are adequate, but certainly you've learned the right lesson about
"set-point" pH adjusters in planted tanks...avoid them!  They usually
contain phosphate buffers which only encourage algae growth and
mess up your tank's "natural" buffering system.  The only way to
safely adjust the pH in a planted tank is to regulate how much CO2
is being injected for a given kH (usually measured as alkalinity).
(People who are using peat extract may have something to say
about this).  Of course, this is one of the main drawbacks to a DIY
CO2 system...controlling them is very difficult.

Jonathan in Maryland (looks like we're in for some rain today)