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Re: Was it my error?

: other various reasons.  Well, I decided to increase the pH to 6.5 so I
: purchased a product from Aquarium Pharm. that was supposed to set my pH 
: at 6.5.  I followed the instructions for use and went on my way.  The
: appeared to be almost melt away.  I checked the pH and it was at 5.0!

: Question:  Is this product faulty or did I misuse it someway?

  Not knowing what's in the product, I'd guess that it is, in fact, simply
a pH LOWERING product.  (After all, 99.99% of the people trying to reach a
pH around 6.5 are probably starting at a higher pH, and while all pH
lowering products tend to buffer at some value or another, but add more
and it will drop further.)  I can't really blame Aqua. Pharmaceuticals
though--I certainly wouldn't have thought of this possibility when writing
the package labelling.

: I have decided to invest in a pH probe and also to never use a "quick"
: fix pH product. 

   My current favorite pH product is Acid Buffer--it's relatively
inexpensive, no phosphates, and doesn't suffer from much pH rebound.  (It
also appears to be fairly safe--the first time I tried it my cardinal
tetras decided it was food and tried to eat the granules as they sank, but
were unharmed. *groan*  Silly things. :-)

Nathan H.
Happy paintball season! :-)