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Was it my error?

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you an experience I have
just had.  I have a 29 gallon aquarium that is heavily planted with Amazon
swords and Crypts.  My pH has always been around 6.0 due to CO2 infusion and
other various reasons.  Well, I decided to increase the pH to 6.5 so I
purchased a product from Aquarium Pharm. that was supposed to set my pH at
6.5.  I followed the instructions for use and went on my way.  The next day,
I noticed some of the leaves on my swords had turned yellow.  I checked the
pH (with a chemical pH kit) and could not tell any real change so I figured
that the pH was still a little too low and added more pH 6.5!  The next day
my swords looked pretty poor and the Crypts were developing black spots and
appeared to be almost melt away.  I checked the pH and it was at 5.0!  After
panicking, I rushed out and purchased something to increase my pH to
6.5...the old fasioned way, a little at a time (3 days) until the pH was
where I wanted it.  The plant death has stopped and all appears to be back to

Question:  Is this product faulty or did I misuse it someway?  

I have decided to invest in a pH probe and also to never use a "quick" fix pH
product.  Just wanted to share this with those of you who may have had
similar pH follies!!