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Gerry Skau asked about a DIY CO2 system. Sounds to me like you're doing 
everything pretty close to just right. If you have no CO2 generation within 
half an hour of setting this up, you have dead yeast. Possible reasons? You 
used an old package of yeast or one that had been paritally used and left in 
the refrigerator for too long; or maybe you dissolved the sugar and yeast in 
water that was too hot (go for no more than lukewarm for this step).

Another possibility is that you _are_ getting CO2 but you don't see it. If you 
swirl the soda bottle do you see bubbles rising in the liquid? My experience 
with airstones hasn't been good; I never got any bubbles when I sent the CO2 
through an airstone, but the DIY bottle didn't blow up so some must have been 
dissolving into the water. Did you check pH drop after adding the CO2? You 
could try running the outlet tube into the tank and watching for bubbles for a 
while. (In my tank the outlet is fitted into the AquaClear filter. I can hear 
and see CO2 bubbles going in.)

Good luck!

Christine in warm but overcast Palo Alto