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Re: spamming

George Booth wrote:
>Have people noticed an increase in junk e-mail recently?  I'm
>wondering if someone is pulling addresses from the APD for the purpose
>of spamming.  I haven't posted much in the news groups recently...

I opened a new account with a local ISP a few months back, and have yet to
receive a single piece of spam e-mail, so I doubt that George's problem is
a result of being on the APD mailing list. I have kept my old AOL account
for accessing Usenet, and get -TONS- of junk there, even though I just lurk
on the newsgroups. I can't remember the last time I posted. I would be
interested in hearing off-list about strategies for avoiding or retaliating
against the spam lists. Is it possible?

One idea I have had for a political solution to the problem is for all
spam-haters to start forwarding their unwanted mail to their congressmen
and senators, including a note asking for legislative action. I, for one,
am really sick of wading through all of that crap. It seems ridiculous that
I can't make full use of my new account for fear of an avalanche of
messages from a bunch of weasels. Sorry to be off-topic, but this subject
really touches a nerve.