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CO2 kit

I have a question for all you CO2 buffs out there!  I am just starting to
really get into aquarium plants and so far i have been adding CO2 via yeast
method.  I am looking to get a " more sophisticated" CO2 setup.  While I was
at the local fish store today, i noticed they got in a Tetra CO2 complete
system for aquariums up to 55 gal. (thats what it said on the box). The
selling price for the system is right around $160. US (not bad..huh?)!  Well
anyway I was wondering if any of you people out there have heard anything on
this system?  I would apreciate ANY and ALL feed back on this system good or
bad!  Thanks for the help!

Chris Simmons
Erie, PA
aka...Griff1324 at aol_com