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Apple snails eating plants

At 15:39 -0400 4/18/97, DIONIGI MALADORNO wrote:
>However, for those interested in those issues, I will not
>order anymore from that company because I later discovered that they import
>and supply to schools for dissection classes large quantities of cat
>carcasses. These cats are caught in less developed countries and killed by
>drowning them in barrels of water. Complaints were made to that company by
>animal rights associations, but they refused to utilize supply sources more
>in compliance with ethical issues.

And this barbaric third world practice is, naturalloy, inferior to our
societies method of killing surplus cats in animal shelter vacumn chambers
and tossing the bodies in the dump, or in the freezer for pickup by the
rendering plant.


If we're not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made of meat?