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Can't low PH

Hello, hola, Bonjour:
I have a 30 liters hexagonal tank with a couple of Angelfish and 5
Tetras. I have Vallisnerias and Cabombas, and a plant that we call (in
Buenos Aires) "water mint". The problem is that I can not low the PH.
>From the source, it comes at 7,0 - 7,1. I was expecting to find a lower
PH after some days  or weeks, because of detritus of fish and food.
However I found that ph is higher (7,2-7,3). I don't have the exact
mesures but I know that it is not a hard water (not to much minerals.
I have otherproblems, but I can not say that they are related with PH:
My vallisnerias are getting greenless or covered with brown algae..
I suppose my first job is to low the PH. I am right? no? What should I
do? I think I may have too much light. How can I know how much ligth do
my plants need? I am using an Halogen lamp (as cars headlamps).
Thank you very much for any kind of help.

If anybody is intersted in plants from the Parana or Uruguay river,
please let me know. We could change plants! :)
 Jerome , from Buenos Aires, the Tango City.