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More on Attack Apple Snails

I posted about the new apple snail eating all my plants and several people 
reminded me of posts a few months ago.  It seems that while all apple 
snails look alike, some eat plants and other don't.  I've had 2 non-plant 
eaters before and noticed that the new fellow who LOVES snacking on plants 
_eats_differently_!!!!  The good snails  :-)  slither around on their foot 
and "graze" putting their mouth down and chewing as they go... rather like 
a horse.  This bad snail actually uses the SIDES OF THE FOOT to hold food 
still while it munches.  This snail rolled onto its side/back, partly on 
the shell and partly on the very back part of the foot where the trap door 
is located.  Then it curled oposite sides of the foot (imagine really short 
arms)  to hold the plant up to its mouth.  It was the wierdest thing.   For 
those of you who've encountered "bad" apple snails, did they eat this same 
way?  Perhaps eating posture is a way to tell good and bad apple snails 
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil