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personal experience with CAE

Hi all,
I just wanted to share my experience with Chinese Algea Eaters (CAE's) with
you.  I got my albino/pink (whatever) CAE because I thought he was an
"otto" as a young pup.  He munched on the brown slimey algea
(unicellular??) pretty well and scraped off the leaves of my plants pretty
well too.
As he grew he developed a bad habit of trying to suck the slime coats off
of my larger and slower fish such as a Honey gourami, cory cats and some
platies.  Well to make a long story not so long, the slower and larger of
my fish are no longer around (not due to any fault of the CAE although I'm
sure he didn't help) and he is once again a well behaved critter.  The
other fish in the tank at present (10 gal, med to heavily planted) are 3
glowlight tetras, 4 feeder guppies, and 1 sm. clown loach. He doesn't
bother them even though the tank is crowded because I guess they are to
Summary: With the right tank conditions I think a CAE can be a peacable and
somewhat efficient algea eater.
Just my $.02.
Cindy in sunny South Bend