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re: altering your domain in posts

Hello yet again.  David's solution to the spam problem appears to be
elegant and workable but there's a problem.  

About a year ago the APD was re-configured to block posts from
non-subscribers; this was in response to numerous requests for plant
catalogs and assorted other junk mail.  Non-subscribers posts are bounced
to me and I deal with them as is appropriate.  If you add a string to your
domain name (like "nospam") your email address will no longer match an
address on the subscriber list and your posts will bounce to me as a
non-subscriber post.  I do not have time to forward everyone's mail to the

Y'all have a decision to make at this point:  can you tolerate some junk
mail in your personal inbox in the interest of keeping catalog requests
(running at about 4 a day presently) and other junk/off-topic mail (1-4
per day) off the APD or do you prefer to be able to alter your domain name
to avoid personal spams and deal with the junk that will arrive on the
APD?  I suppose another alternative is to make the list moderated but
you'll need to find someone else to administer the list if that's the
preference.   I have neither time nor inclination to moderate this puppy

Please direct your comments to me off-list unless you truly believe your
comments would be of profound interest to the list at large.