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Apple Snails and Plants

I was so happy with my first Apple Snail that I started looking for a mate 
or at least another nice looking snail.  Finally found one that was 
acceptable and brought him home.  At the same time I bought 4 nice SAEs 
(Atlanta - Pisces Pet in Jonesboro has them for $2.29).  These guys were 
added to an existing tank sitting in an East facing window that had a 
massive algae outbreak due to the powerhead in the gravel incident.  4 
ottos were added several weeks before this introduction.  Together the 
ottos, SAEs and 2 apple snails have cleared the tank of algae with the 
exception of the long green hair stuff which I'm pulling out manually.

Now to the question.  Several of the plants are missing!  I discovered last 
night that the new apple snail is eating everything in sight, including 
amazon sword leaves.  Guess the poor thing was starved!  I added a bunch of 
hygrophelia trimmings which the new snail literally leaped upon and started 
munching.  My other snail is happy with algae tablets, calcium vitamins and 
fish flakes, never touching healthy plants.  For those people who keep 
Apple Snails in the aquarium, what foods do you feed to prevent (or at 
least slow down) apple snails grazing on prized plants.  I realize taking 
the snail out is an option, but one of last resort.  Any other ideas?

Rochelle Williams
Where graduate school is interfering with gardening and the fish tanks.