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Re: snail attack

>Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 11:46:40 -0500 (CDT)
>From: Cindy House <1cjh8006 at unixstew_tstc.edu>
>Subject: snail attack
>Hey all. I've gota a problem. I have a large planted tank that has been 
>attacked by snails. I've been trying to pick the egg sacks off my plants 
>as I see them, but I am just to out numbered for this method to work 
>effectivly. Does anyone know of something I can try that will rid me of 
>my pests? *Any* suggestions are appriciated. Thanks in advance. :)

Well, I have a power filter on my 55 gal community tank.  Somehow, most
likely from a plant I bought, some snails got into the filter.  It's turned
into a regular breeding ground for these guys.  At first it worried me and
I religiously tried to kill all the snails when I cleaned my aquarium.  But
over the months, I've never noticed these guys in my aquarium, so I stopped
persecuting them.  One day curiousity overwhelmed my common sense and I
dumped 4 or 5 of these little guys into my aquarium.  It didn't take me
long to find out why I don't have a problem -- my fish chomped 'em!  In
particular, my rosy barbs and black tetras had lunch.  They picked them out
of the water as they fell in and from the glass and the gravel as well.
Maybe these aren't the only fish that like escargot; I've got neons,
danios, an angel, a betta, a dojo (weather loach), and pleco as well.  But
I suspect a pack of rosy barbs could help you.  I've heard some types of
loaches like snails, too.

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