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Re: PMDD and Micronutrient Mix

With regard to the ratios of the various components of PMDD,
I've reduced the amount of chelated mix to 1/3 that of the
other principals: MgSO4, KNO3, AND K2SO4. I only test for
nitrate and have yet to notice any iron deficiencies.

I believe that someone mentionned that Plant Products no
longer included boron in the Chelated Micronutrient Mix.
Am I mixing them up with Plantex or are they one and the
same? My local garden center claims that the stuff is
still available as it has been for the last dozen years.

Finally Plant Products now sells Fe:DTPA in 250 gram jars
for Can$7.99, again at the same garden center.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca