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Re: snail attack

> Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 11:46:40 -0500 (CDT)
> From: Cindy House <1cjh8006 at unixstew_tstc.edu>
> Subject: snail attack
> Hey all. I've gota a problem. I have a large planted tank that has been 
> attacked by snails. I've been trying to pick the egg sacks off my plants 
> as I see them, but I am just to out numbered for this method to work 
> effectivly. Does anyone know of something I can try that will rid me of 
> my pests? *Any* suggestions are appriciated. Thanks in advance. :)
> Cindy

I've found that hungry feeder guppies eat snail eggs.  They'll pull the 
gel sacs off plants and pick at them until they're empty.

And of course, there are the botias - excellent snail predators.  Clown
loaches are very effective but they get big and sometimes they're pretty
boistrous.  I've heard of them ripping up planted tanks, but mine don't do
that.  I also have a red finned botia that is real effective as a snail
exterminator, but rather nocturnal and sometimes aggressive.  I understand
skunk botias are very effective as well, more outgoing than red finned and
rather small, but I don't have any (yet). 

Maybe in the long run picking off the adults and letting guppies control
the eggs is a better solution.  Botias leave the snail shells (or
fragments of the shells) around the tank and re-solution of the calcium
carbonate in the shells can raise your GH, alkalinity and pH. 

Roger Miller