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flocculating agents for cloudiness

     Can anyone suggest some agents which could be used to flocculate (form 
     into clumps) fine suspensions of clay in aquarium water?
     People who've had trouble with laterite or clay cloudiness have 
     sometimes tried very fine filters without success since the clay 
     particles can be under 2 microns in size.
     When I've had troubles with cloudiness after uprooting plants, I can 
     often clear it by running an dirty floss style trickle filter like the 
     Whisper filter. Of course the tiny particles can easily pass through 
     but the bacteria and sludge which accumulates on the filter seems to 
     attract the particles and clears it up nicely. Is there a 
     chemical/biological explanation for this?
     I've also heard Paul K suggest adding a bacterial culture to the 
     water. I think someone else suggested calcium or magnesium carbonate. 
     Would these work?
     Steve P  in Vancouver