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Re: snail problem

Re:  Cindy's snail problem (message below):

Actually, the spotted puffer or figure 8 puffer do a pretty good job of 
cleaning out snails from a tank.  The trick is to find an aquarium store 
that keeps them in fresh water (not the extremely hard water they usually 
are kept in).  Otherwise, their life is shortened.  I'm assuming you have a 
freshwater plant tank with soft water.

They can nip fins on slow fish too, so that could be a problem. 
When I used this method for snail removal, I only purchased one puffer and 
it didn't live that long, but was able to remove the snails before it died. 
 Not a very nice thing to do, nor my preferred way of dealing with animals, 
but that's how it happened.
Now that I know of a source for well-acclimated (to freshwater) puffers, 
the situation would be different.

> Hey all. I've gota a problem. I have a large planted tank that has been 
> attacked by snails. I've been trying to pick the egg sacks off my plants 
> as I see them, but I am just to out numbered for this method to work 
> effectivly. Does anyone know of something I can try that will rid me of 
> my pests? *Any* suggestions are appriciated. Thanks in advance. :)
> Cindy

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