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Nymphaea observation

I noted an interesting observation in my N. stellata today.  

I've been running low on sugar, and being the forgetful person I am, it
took me over a month to go buy a new bag of white sugar for my CO2 system.

During this time, I had a CO2 culture that was fading, and re-mixed it, but
with only 1 cup of sugar instead of 2 because I ran out.  I let this CO2
culture run for a month, so this is an observation that developed over a

During this time, my N. stellata had just begun to produce floating leaves.
Since then, it's put out about 10 leaves of up to 9" diameter.  

Earlier this week, I purchased a fresh bag of sugar, and after some
procrastinating, I mixed up a new yeast mix for my CO2 generator.  

Interestingly enough, the edges of my Nymphaea leaves now curl downward,
into the water, rather than remaining flat at the water's surface.

I'm now wondering if this is due to the CO2 levels in the water, or there
is another reason for this behavior.

David W. Webb in sunny, warm Dallas, TX.