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re: Aquatic Greenhouse comments

Dear Gary,

We're sorry you are not happy with our service, and we apologize for your

Your plants ARE on the way, please do not despair.  We really do try hard to
please everyone - unfortunately, sometimes we fail - being human and being
subject to circumstances.  Again, we are truly sorry that we were unable to
provide you with satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal.

We are including a refund of $12.00 along with the shipment of the plants we owe
you, and needless to say we are not charging you for shipping.  We don't want
anyone to have to pay for what they would consider poor service and substandard
plants.  That's not what we're in business for.

We are also truly sorry that you are having problems with your tank.  In defense
of our plants and our company, we must say that algae outbreaks are a result of
improper or unbalanced  tank conditions, not individual plants.  Try to balance
your co2, lighting, fertilization, temperature, and fish load to control this,
and make sure you have plenty of plants in the tank to combat the aggressive

Good luck with your aquarium ventures.


Tina Gasperson
The Aquatic Greenhouse