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Re :slow growing plants

If you want a quick way to get more low light level, slow growing plants 
in your tank I would advise doing what I do, cheat.  Crypts are slow 
growing.  I have a number of them in my tank and they grow (some to over 
15 inches tall) and they sometimes put out new shoots which could be seen 
as new plants but none have actually propagated.  I believe it will take 
a long time.  Back to the method of cheating.  You can either 
(a)  put some of the crypts in a shallow container in the garden with a 
rich substrate and grow them submersed.  This will give you a better 
growth rate. OR
(b)  turn your (problematic) fast growing plants into slow growing plants 
by taking them down your local fish store and swapping them.  
Other wise expect slow propagation (maybe one new plant for every old one 
every year).  This is all IMO.

David Brooks