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By the pricking of my thumbs . . .

Since yesterday, I've received over 40 pieces of email addressed to the
APD that were bounced because of file attachments; these were returned to
the "sender" (all APD subscribers) with a note that the APD cannot
process attachments.  

After receiving a response from one of these folks, it appears that
someone may have snagged the subscriber list and be trying to send the
same file (approx 2K in size) to the list again and again.

If you received one of these files back from me and were not the
originator of it, please let me know off-list.  By the time I realized
that something fishy may have been happening (can you say "sloooooow") I
had deleted all the mail so I'm unable to determine the origin of the
mail at this time.  Further posts of this type will be scrutinized.