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re: Aquatic Greenhouse

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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 12:27:00 -0500
From: "Sanders, Gary" <gsanders at mail_dese.state.mo.us>
Subject: Bad service from the Aquatic Greenhouse
To: "'Aquatic Plants'" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

I wanted to let anyone who is planning on ordering plants from the Aquatic 
Greenhouse (Darin Gasperson) of Tampa, Fl., to consider my complaint:


Since January of this year I have been trying to get Darin to settle the 
difference on an order placed January, 1997.  I was shorted one aponogeton 
rigidifolius and various others. Since he was out of so many of the plants I 
had ordered and had pre-paid for, he substituted cheaper plants but charged 
me the higher price of the plants I had originally ordered.

After 3 phone calls and one letter I have finally contacted the Better 
Business Bureau of Clearwater, FL., for some assistance.  Apparently Darin 
takes your order then orders these plants from his distributors.  If they 
come in, great, if not, he will substitute at his discretion.  I was 
substituted cheaper plants for a higher price.

In addition, after putting the plants I received in my tank, I experienced 
the worst outbreak of blue green algae I have ever seen.  I finally had to 
resort to antibiotics to kill it off.  I have now also experienced red algae 
which is sometimes carried in by imported plants.

The Aquatic Greenhouse may state that customer service is their priority, but 
my experience has been anything but that.  He also sells glossostigma - but 
don't bother, it's very puny, and I had to finally pitch it.