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Re: Ponds-Elimiating Bullrushs

Jim Lemke wants to kill all the bullrush in his pond and is having 
difficulty finding a way.  I have not had this specific problem but have 
dealt with other invasive, impossible to kill plants - wisteria (the 
terrestrial kind!) and kudzu.  In the southeast U.S., kudzu is considered a 
pest plant which was imported from Japan.  Wisteria is an ornamental vine 
that will break almost any trellis due to stem expansion.  If wisteria is 
cut back, it only sprouts again from any piece of root left in the ground. 
 Kudzu is the same situation.

I assume you've tried digging the bullrush roots but they keep coming back. 
 The only effective chemical eradicant for wisteria and kudzu is Roundup, a 
tradename plant killer.  If memory serves, it can not be used directly in 
the water, but perhaps the kill method for kudzu and wisteria will work. 
 Mix up the roundup per instructions and leave in a large bucket.  Place 
the vine growth (in your case bend the bullrush new growth) into the bucket 
and weight it down with a large rock.  Make sure not to spill any roundup 
on the ground.  The above ground growth will absorb the chemical and 
transport it to the roots (which is what you want to kill).  After a few 
weeks, the plant will die and not come back.

This is a radical method and you'll have to be very careful using it near 
water.  Good luck
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil