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CO2 Concentrations

>Oops.  Adding CO2 at a constant rate doesn't produce a constant
>concentration of CO2.  At a constant rate of addition, the CO2 
>concentration will be determined by the rate of CO2 loss through 
>circulation, aeration, photosynthesis, etc. 

Yes, but, if those other factors (circulation, aeration, photosynthesis,
etc.) were the same for the two tanks, then the CO2 levels should be the
same, even if different KH and pH levels were experimented with (using
bicarbonate buffering).  This is my understanding of Paul Sears explanation
of this question.  (I am not one of the scientists on the list.)  I also
tested this point in my aquarium and verified (using the chart) that the
CO2 levels were the same with a "given" input of CO2 while keeping all
other factors the same, but varying bicarbonate levels.

Regards, Steve Dixon