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Chinese Algae Eaters

Hello everyone,

	I just wanted to tell you about a recent experience I had with CAE's... I 
know that everyone supports SAE's, but I've had a good experience with 
CAE's. About a week ago, I really got tired of my occasional algae 
outbreaks, so i decided to do something about it! I went down to the fish 
store and bought 5, 1" CAE's. They were very small, and I was leery about 
their effectiveness and all of the bad things that I have heard about them. 
Well, I put the 5 little guys into my tank, and they immediately began 
attaching themselves to the walls of my tank. They would attach themselves 
to the glass down at the bottom of the tank, near the substrate, then, they 
would just "slide" on up the glass, to the water level, leaving a definite 
path of clean glass behind them. Well, since then, my tank has been 
sparkling, and when they're not eating algae, they're picking bits of food 
up from the bottom. I am pleased! I know they may get bitter/territorial 
when older, but if that occurs, I can simply trade them in for some smaller