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Lee's Algae Update

I've attempted to absorb as much as I could at websites indicated by
Jonathan. In the interest of being lazy & cheap as far as chemistry is
concerned, I'm trying out the following: remove carbon & peat from the
filter, add Tropica Master Grow (contains no P, correct?) 2.5 ml (50gal
tank). Restore lighting to 12h (cutting back on lighting *did* appear to
weaken algae). My stem plants are beginning to grow across the surface -
I'm guessing that this is good for absorbing (excess of?) light. They
sure *look* good. Amazon Swords appearing a bit transparent - perhaps
these were a bad choice.

Question: Tho my DIY CO2 was still bubbling, pH was reading 7.6.
Prepared a fresh bottle - pH dropped to 6.6! Is this OK? Any way to
control this type of thing?