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Re: My planted tank

I am a newbie to planted tanks. Here is what I did. I bought the Thiel
laterite, thiel plant food and thiel iron concentrate. I have a 20g high
tank. Put down a 1/2 inch of laterite and gravel mix, then a inch of
gravel. Put in two big amazon swords, three crypts, and some vas. grass.  I
have three 15w ultra-lumes and a emporor filter. I am bubbling yeast co2
into the tank. The plants were fine for about two weeks, now the leaves on
the swords a yellowing from the outer edges in and becoming transparent. I
have added the plant drops and the iron supplement. lights are on for about
10 hours a day, KW=6 ph=6.8 ammonia=0. Funny thing is my angels started
spawning as soon as I started using distilled water cause by kw was at 12
from the tap. Is the lighting level to low or some other defiency. Any help
would be appreciated. Have enjoyed this group from my first readings.


richb at soonernet_com