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Re: SAE culinary habits

Just my two cents on SAE eating habits. The three I have have
done an exemplary job on the furry algae I had. They also do a
good job on various other green algaes (but not the b/g
cyano). These fish also go for the prepared foods I offer the
other tank inhabitants. So the point is, at least from my
experience, that SAEs will probably not starve if the algae
supply becomes exhausted. At any rate in aquaria with high light
intensity and all the nutrients typically thrown in I would find it
hard to believe that any tank would be truley algae free.
And while I'm at it: someone mentioned recently about taking the
article from the web on algae eaters with you to the aquarium
shop when shopping for SAEs. This is a good idea since the
retailers invariably do not know about SAEs. Following my
"seminar" on SAEs these fish are now known as the internet fish
at my local shop.
End of story...a bit more than two cents worth but I value my
SAEs more than my discus!

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta