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Re: V2 #640 - SAE's


Did your SAE's have a prominence at the vent? Or perhaps if you looked
closely small red worms hanging out? Consider the possibility of Camallanus
worm infestation.

There is always Tuberculosis, the great imitator, also but usually there
are a few ulcers or sores evident somewhere as well as wasting.

Camallanus is best treated with Ivermectin but you will probably need to
get this from a Veterinarian and you must be careful with doses as some
species of fish are quite sensitive to it. Also snails and other inverts
will not tolerate it at all, but your plants will be OK

The larval worms are excreted in the faeces so bottom dwellers are usually
infected first and some species are more susceptible than others.



Bruce Hansen, ANGFA
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> Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 09:59:55 -0700
> From: rutenber at msg_ucsf.edu
> Subject: SAE's wasting away...
  Then, maybe three months ago I noticed that the SAE's in the
> hex tank were actually looking pretty bad... thin and "boney" especially
in the
> "face"...  they actually appeared to be shrinking.  They seemed to be
> and they seemed OK otherwise and they were keeping teh red algea under
> Then about one month ago one died and last night another died and the
third one
> looks like he's about to go, barely eats barely swims...  
  Also recently, my clown pleco and
> one kuhli has dissappeared (died and been eaten).  But everyone else
looks OK.
> What is going on here?  the SAE's acted like an animal with 'worms',
they'd eat
> and eat but still looked skinny...  Any ideas??