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Re: Laterite in Clay Substrate

> Date: 10 Apr 1997 10:51:58 -0500
> From: "CORBEIL, SCOTT" <corbels at macmail_mcgawpark.baxter.com>
> I'm gearing up to tear down my 150 gallon tank to add substrate
> heating and a more appropriate amount of laterite to the substrate.
> I'm also considering using clay for the first inch or so of the base.

Gawd, what on earth for?  All that will do is make an absolute mess
and will probably totally negate the effects of the heating coils.
More "stuff" in the substrate is NOT better than the *right amount* of

> What I was wondering is, since I will be using substrate heating
> cables, should I mix the laterite into the clay base layer or
> construct three layers, one of clay followed by a gravel layer with
> laterite mixed in and then a top layer of strictly gravel.

Do what has been proven to be good: lower 1/3 of the gravel with
1500 grams of Duplarit-G, upper 2/3 with clean gravel only. 

George in Snowy Colorado