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Ghost Shrimp

Hi all,

>I've never seen ghost shrimp more than an inch or two up into my plants;
>they prefer to scavenge along the bottom.  They're not really swimmers,
>except to bolt away backwards when scared.  I've never seen them go after
>algae proper, either.  They do a fine job, however, of picking between
>stones, gravel, roots, etc, and generally keeping things clean.  

I tossed a dozen (or so) shrimp into a tank about 2 weeks ago. The tank has
way too many plants and hardly any fish. The shrimp hang out near the
surface, nibbling away on whatever they find. Since there is so little algae
in this tank, the shrimp have now taken to eating flake food!

That's right. These little guys are now trying to elbow there way past the
Pseudotropheus demasonii for those tasty morsels. Go figure.

Bill Edwards 
Survey Research Lab 
Arizona State University