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Re: Re: Lee's Algae Farm

Lee wrote:

>zakly. I think I'm fine in the lighting, CO2 & water exchange
>departments. Don't know a thing about buffering or much of the
>other chemistry. Do you know of a website or other source for
>understanding this? Does carbon in the filter remove nutrients
>which the plants need? Is peat beneficial? Funny thing is, when I
>first added my 3 swordtails & 2 tri-colour sharks they gobbled up all
>of the algae! Seem to have lost their appetites for it. (I don't *think*
>I overfeed em)...

Check out the Aquaria Web Services site (especially the Krib and
FAQ's) at:


and the Aquatic Plants Archives at:


These contain a wealth of information on water chemistry, fertilizers,
plants, lighting etc. and you can search the archives by keyword to
find out what other hobbyists are doing to maintain their aquaria.
Personally, I don't use carbon anymore, but there was a long thread
about this not too long ago.  The advantages and disadvantages of
using peat have also been debated.

BTW another source for potassium permanganate for those who are
interested is Jungle's Water Clear.  It is a mild 0.53% KMnO4 in aqueous
solution and should be available in most aquarium shops.

Jonathan in Maryland where it is still sunny and still cold.