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Curious algae: Will Ghost Shrimp eat it?

	I have some interesting? green algae in one of my tanks.  I'm not
sure whether it is filamentous or thread, or what.  It is bright green,
grows primarily amongst my floating plants (Ceratopteris pteridioides),
though it will also in my Java moss near the surface.  Lately it has also
taken to growing on the sponge I have acting as a pre-filter on my
Aquaclear.  It is very "cobwebby" in texture.  It seems to do best in
brightly-lit tanks, especially after a good iron-based fertilizer is
	I'm wondering what this algae might be, and whether Ghost shrimp
would be likely to eat it.  In fact, what kind(s) of algae do Ghost shrimp
like, if any?  And do they require water to be a little harder than the
aggressively soft water they have here in Seattle?