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Re: Lee's Algae Farm

Jonathan in sunny but cold Maryland wrote:
> We call this "New Aquatic Gardener Syndrome".  If you are using
> adequate good-quality lighting and CO2 injection, no buffers other
> than sodium bicarbonate, and doing frequent water changes, then
> you have probably fallen into the overfertilization trap.  
(snip snip)

zakly. I think I'm fine in the lighting, CO2 & water exchange
departments. Don't know a thing about buffering or much of the other
chemistry. Do you know of a website or other source for understanding
this? Does carbon in the filter remove nutrients which the plants need?
Is peat beneficial? Funny thing is, when I first added my 3 swordtails &
2 tri-colour sharks they gobbled up all of the algae! Seem to have lost
their appetites for it. (I don't *think* I overfeed em)...

Thanks for the reply.

Lee in Toronto - cold, you say?

when I'm not pickin' algae, I'm pickin' people's brains...