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Re:SAEs w/o a cover

     In the Aquatic Plants Digest #635, Steve mentioned that he had set his 
     100 gal. aquarium up as an opened-top tank, and then later mentioned 
     he had obtained some SAEs. SAEs are jumpers. Very good, very quick, 
     jumpers. As I mentioned in previous posts, the only adult SAEs that I 
     have lost has been from jumping.
     If you want an open-top tank, add a collar of some type, at least 6 
     inches high. 
     I have a shelf with 5 - 10 gal tanks, that are open-top but enclosed 
     in such a way that a jumping fish cannot land anywhere but back in the 
     water. When the SAEs are in these tanks, it is quite amusing to 
     observe the tank hoping. Any two times you look at the tanks more than 
     an hour apart, the SAEs had redistributed themselves.
     Hope this helps.
        Doug Underwood