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Osmocote And High Ammonia

	Hi.  I've got a question for all of those out
there that have used Osmocote and other substrate
additives, like Ironite, for their tanks.
	I've recently set up a 10 gal. tank with plants,
and I've added laterite, as well as Osmocote and Ironite,
to the substrate.  The 1 inch sandy portion of the substrate, 
which contains the additives, is covered by 1.5 inches
of fine sand, with another inch of gravel on top of that.
	The tank has only been up for about a week and a half,
but so far the plants seem fine.  My only problem is that
I've been getting unacceptably high ammonia readings in the
tank - sometimes approaching the 2-3 ppm level (Aquarium Pharm.
Liquid test kit).  This is a problem because I had intended to 
add fish to the tank as well.  I've done several water changes,
but that hasn't done the trick so far.
	For those of you who have used Osomocote, and other such
additives, and also keep fish in your plant tanks:  What have
your experiences been?  Does the ammonia level eventually drop
or will I have to continually filter with ammonia chips and use
ammonia remover on the water for the life of the tank?

Jerry B.