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New PMDD confusion

     Pat Bowerman posted:
     >The last e-mail that I received from Kevin Conlin listed the "new"
     >formula as follows:
     >1 Tablespoon Trace Element Mix 
     >2 Tablespoons KNO3
     >2 Tablespoons K2SO4
     >1 Tablespoon MgSO4 (epsom salt)
     >Dissolve the trace element mix in 150ml of distilled water, then add 
     >the remaining ingredients. Add an additonal 150 ml of water to make a 
     >300 ml solution.
     And Tim Mullins posted:
     >Conlin and Sears' latest PMDD formula:
     >mix with water to make a 1/2 liter solution,
     >       1 tablespoon chelated trace mix
     >       1 tablespoon MgSO4+7H2O
     >       2 tablespoons K2SO4
     >       1 tablespoon KNO3  (more or less, depends on nitrate)
     I can already hear someone wanting to try PMDD asking "do you make a 
     300 ml solution or a 500 ml solution?"  Also, the "old" recommended 
     dosage was 3 ml/100 liters, or 1.1 ml/10 gallons, which resulted in a 
     3 ppm NO3 concentration for me.  Using the new formula (one tbsp KNO3 
     in a 300 ml solution), I should be dosing at 1 ml/100 liters to give 
     me the same NO3 concentration, but a 500 ml solution would require 
     1.67 ml/100 liters.  Yes, it's the same amount of KNO3, but tough for 
     someone starting out.
     The new recommended dosage of 1/12 ml/10 gallons (from a 500 ml 
     soultion, 1 tbsp KNO3) would be about 1/8 of the original dosage 
     recommendation, and would result in 0.4 ppm NO3 for me.  Shouldn't it 
     be 0.63 ml per 10 gallons, or 1.67 ml/100 liters?  I thought the 
     purpose of the new formula was to increase the macronutrients, not 
     decrease them.
     Is my math off?  Am I off?  I understand we each need to tailor PMDD 
     for our aquariums, but these new dosage recommendations seems to be 
     low.  Anybody else want to give it a shot?