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DIY yeast method - KH/PH/CO2 questions


Recently I have been access to this incredible mailing list, and tried to build my DIY injection using yeast method.

I'm injecting CO2, by the inlet of my Powerhead with a rate of 1 bubble 2 in 2 seconds for 4 days now, in a 120 liters Community tank.
When started, my pH was 7.4, and stopped at PH=6.8 - 6.9, after ad 2 teaspoon of backing soda. 

I have PH stabilized for 2 days, and water with:

	PH = 6.8 - 6.9 (difficult to see with my test kit)
	GH = 6.5 dH
	KH= 6.5 dH

From table of (KH/PH/CO2) posted by Pauli Hopea, my CO2 should be around 23 - 28 (hope not more!). I didn't try a CO2 test yet!

Because my CO2 is a little high, and the  ideal CO2 is something like 10-15 ppm here are my questions,

a) Is this a fact that if I have PH, GH and KH like those, I have CO2 so high, only injecting without a reactor?

b) Do to the fact that I have no control for reducing CO2 being introduced in tank,  is it possible to have an equilibrium at PH=7 and KH=5.0, or is the actual PH/KH that I have now the only possible equilibrium point?

Hope some one can help me! thanks.

Alberto Costa