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Re: Matt's Algae

> Anyway, after the cyano, I had beard algae on everything.  Fiddled
> with the Fe some, and *that* went away and then I got hair algae.
> Now *that*'s gone, and I can actually see my plants now, which have
> been growing nicely through all this.

Well, I've been lurking awhile, hoping to come across a solution to my
own problem - this is the closest thread so far. I'm very green (excuse
the pun) to this aquarium business, having had mine up & running just a
few weeks: 50-gal, well planted (mostly rotala, valisneria, couple of
amazon sword), about 30 small fish and a LOTS of algae. Rotala is
growing like wildfire, but so was some long, hairy black stuff until I
cut down the lights from 12 hours to 8 hours per day. Now loads of
something shorter (2-3mm), fuzzier & green is growing on all of the
plants. HELP! Can this be stopped? Suggestions anyone?