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Re: E. major flower stalk

Marshall Wilkerson wrote:

...Anyway, this stalk has bolted right out of the water, which is a
bit of a feat since the tank is covered save a few spaces where
heater and filter tubes gain access to the tank. There are no
adventitious(sp?) plantlets on the stem :-( just a series of
concentric "spike rings" at the tip. Small buds are forming
within the interior of the spike rings.........

This flower stalk is just beginning to get started.  It will continue to
elongate; the little buds you see will flower, and then the adventitious
plantlets will begin to grow.  There should be at least two of them per
node.  When the flower stalk has stopped growing and flowering, and all the
little plantlets have visible roots, you can cut off the stalk and let it
float for a few more weeks.  Then you can pull off all the plantlets.
There should be more than enough of them for your own planting needs, and
you can grow the rest a little bit and then take them to your nearest
tropical fish store and get some trade credit.  Sometimes the parent plant
dies after sending up a flower stalk, but usually it keeps going.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174
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