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Re: Matt's algae

Matt -
I'm not the one to explain alkalinity etc but your post didnt
mention whether you have algae eating fish, the light levels or
the description of the algae.
When I increased the lighting in one of my tanks blue green cyano
took off. I refused to buy expensive test kits but with the fish
load I knew I had high PO4 levels. Using the premises of Sears
and Conlin I "titrated" the system primarily with K2SO4 and
KNO3, while keeping close watch on fish and plants (and
algae). Once I reached the 2mL/day range the b/g cyano completely
disappeared! The fish were uneffected and things are great now!
Any other algae is controlled nicely by the algae
custodians. Also, I do not inject CO2 in this tank so patience
was a key feature I think to the eventual success.

BTW it was a 50 gal with 90W flor, peat filtration, 5discus
5clown loaches 3 SAEs 3ottos and a modified PMDD (using Kent's as
the Fe source).
Hope this helps.

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta