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RE: Flower spike update

Fellow enthusiasts

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a flower stalk thrown up by
a E. major. Thanks for the response Paul (Cant remember the new
name for this plant now...)
Anyway, this stalk has bolted right out of the water, which is a
bit of a feat since the tank is covered save a few spaces where
heater and filter tubes gain access to the tank. There are no
adventitious(sp?) plantlets on the stem :-( just a series of
concentric "spike rings" at the tip. Small buds are forming
within the interior of the spike rings. 
Is this unusual for the stalk to be devoid of plantlets?
Also in a more general vein, do certain conditions favour the use
of the sexual vs. asexual means of propagation in this or other
plant species? Seems to me that if conditions are favorable (and
there *is* lots 
of growth in this tank) that the plant need not invest in the
sexual (i.e. flower) mode of repro.
Any thoughts?

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta