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Re: Fungus on driftwood

     I too just added 2 small pieces of sun-bleached driftwood that I 
     obtained from the local lake.  After placing the wood in a test tank 
     for several days it developed some very light brown fuzzy growth.  I 
     was going to place a plex in the tank to see if he would eat it 
     (thinking maybe it was algae?).  But I may hold off if somebody else 
     can identify it.
     BTW, what is the common name for KMnO4 and what does it do for you?
     Nigel Campbell
     ncampbel at ccmail_dsccc.com
     >Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 18:50:50 -0400 (EDT) From: BErney1014 at aol_com
     >Subject: fungus on driftwood
     >I placed a piece of sandblasted root "driftwood" in a small plant 
     >holding tank. I had to drill the wood and epoxy encase lead to hold 
     >it down. It turned the water orangy so I filtered the color out with 
     >carbon. I have a DIY co2 reactor, pH 7, 76F, sand substrate, 2 ghost 
     >shrimp, 2 oto and mostly java moss with some small starts of grasses 
     >and vals. My problem started after the wood was a few weeks soaking, 
     >a film (white) covered the surface of the water. I would siphon it 
     >off with an 4 oz irrigation bulb. I noticed the wood was covered with 
     >a fungus, nearly clear in color. When I pulled the wood it stunk. I 
     >plopped it into a KMnO4 bath and there it remains. What should I do 
     >to wood? 
     >Thanks much,