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fungus on driftwood

I placed a piece of sandblasted root "driftwood" in a small plant holding
tank. I had to drill the wood and epoxy encase lead to hold it down. It
turned the water orangy so I filtered the color out with carbon. I have a DIY
co2 reactor, pH 7, 76F, sand substrate, 2 ghost shrimp, 2 oto and mostly java
moss with some small starts of grasses and vals. My problem started after the
wood was a few weeks soaking, a film (white) covered the surface of the
water. I would siphon it off with an 4 oz irrigation bulb. I noticed the wood
was covered with a fungus, nearly clear in color. When I pulled the wood it
stunk. I plopped it into a KMnO4 bath and there it remains. What should I do
to wood? 

Thanks much,