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Re: stem plants

David W. Webb wrote:
> I just pinch off some of the stem plant and lay it on its side on top of
> the gravel. with maybe a small rock or piece of wood to hold it down.  The
> plant sprouts roots from several nodes immediately, and begins to grow
> furiously upward, and sometimes laterally across the gravel as well.

> I use this method primarily with top cuttings, particularly emersed ones.
> I have a problem with emersed cuttings dieing back completely when I shove
> them into the gravel.
This technique worked well for me also.
I used a slight modification of this technique to establish emersed
cuttings of A.reineckii when all else had failed. I also used a slight
smear of 'seradix' gel. The use of rooting hormones in general doesn't
_seem_ to have much favour in aquaria. Is there any particular reason