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I seem to have created some confusion when I attempted to post the
"new" formula for PMDD. Please note that no matter which formula you are
using, the goals are still the same, that is, you are trying to achieve
certain levels of both iron and nitrates. 0.1 ppm iron and about 3-5ppm
    In an attempt to clear up the confusion, I have forwarded an
off-list e-mail conversation between myself and Kevin Conlin.  

Kevin Conlin wrote:
> On Sunday, 24 December 1995, Pat Bowerman wrote:
> >     I finally bought a LaMotte nitrate test kit, and now I have a
> > question about it. It says that readings are given as ppm nitrate
> > nitrogen. It also says to convert to ppm nitrate, multiply by 4.4. Now
> > my question, when you are talking about nitrate levels, are you talking
> > ppm nitrate nitrogen or ppm nitrate?
Kevin Conlin:
> I'm measuring ppm nitrate.

> >     Could you perhaps enlighten me on the differences?
> PPM nitrate measures the amount of nitrate ion NO3-.  PPM nitrogen
> just measures the amount of N.  The factor of 4.4 is the ratio of
> the molecular weight of nitrate to the molecular weight of N.
> > I also understand
> > that you have tweaked the formula for PMDD somewhat. I remember reading
> > that you reduced the MgSO4 among other things. Is there a place where
> > the new formula is posted, and would you care to elaborate on your
> > thinking as to why these changes were necessary?
> The new formula is 1tbsp trace element mix, 1tbsp epsom salts, 2tbsp
> KNO3, and 2tbsp K2SO4.  My original formula was developed while I was
> using a UV sterilizer.  When I turned off the sterilizer, I needed
> much less PMDD to maintain my iron levels, and the plants ran short
> of macronutrients, primarily K.  I cut back on the epsom salts because
> 1tbsp seemed to work just fine; no sense adding more than necessary.
> >     Thanks for your help, and most of all.........MERRY CHRISTMAS!
> Merry (belated) Christmas, and a Happy New year!
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