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Relatively High pH

I am experiencing a relatively high pH which seems at odds with my 
tank's condition.  The pH is 7.2 - 7.3.  The tank is a 29 gal with 
about 9 Cardinals, 6 gold tetras, 4 Marble Hatchets, 3 Otocinclus, 1 
Farlowella, 1 fairly large Java Fern, 1 Anubias Nana, approx. 14 Val. 
spiralis, 3 Amazon swords, 1 medium c. wendtii.  I also have 2 pieces 
of bogwood.  My GH is at 10ppm, KH at 10ppm.  I use an Aquaclear 
power filter.  The substrate is inert gravel (CongaRock).  Nitrates 
are a bit high right now, at around 20 ppm.
With the fish load and the bogwood, and no mineral sources, what 
could possibly be keeping the pH at that level?  I would expect I 
would be fighting a drop in pH!  My tapwater (Seattle) measures 
dead-on at 7.0, with very low GH and KH.  My pH test kit is brand new 
(Aquarium Pharmaceuticals).  TIA!
Davis Chastain