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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #624

>Subject: PMDD Formula
>> 1) What is the "NEW" PMDD formula? I don't know which one I have, but
>> I'd like to check before I mix up a batch.
>The last e-mail that I received from Kevin Conlin listed the "new"
>formula as follows:
>1 Tablespoon Trace Element Mix 
>2 Tablespoons KNO3
>2 Tablespoons K2SO4
>1 Tablespoon MgSO4 (epsom salt)
>Dissolve the trace element mix in 150ml of distilled water, then add the
>remaining ingredients. Add an additonal 150 ml of water to make a 300 ml

I am confused!  The original and also the formula archived on the krib
lists 1 tsp(teaspoon not tablespoon) for measuring the potassium nitrate
and potassium sulfate.  This new formula uses tablespoon.  Which is
correct?  The tablespoon is three times the size of a teaspoon!  Please
someone please specify the correct measurement.  Thanks very much.

>IMO, the correct usage of PMDD involves the following: Careful
>monitoring of iron and nitrate levels. Your target level for iron should
>be 0.1 ppm. Not higher, and not lower. Levels this low require a pretty
>good test kit to measure properly.  Nitrate levels should be 3-5 ppm.

No change here.

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